Greater Denton Arts Council


ARTIST MEMBER: Patti Simpson

Medium - Film Photography

I use film photography to document and present the life I see around me. I'm usually drawn to spaces that are void of people yet full of evidence of the human component. I'm very interested in how we live and how we take up space on this globe. I photograph mostly on road trips. I've been eagerly exploring and documenting small Texas towns for the past couple of years. I'm drawn to the emptiness, a sense of solitude and nostalgia. I use film because it's a very enjoyable process for me. I'm very attracted to the tool itself. From the way the camera feels in my hands down to the film, which is this tangible thing, like getting a letter in the mail instead of a text. There's also a certain level of unpredictability and element of surprise that comes with using film that I greatly enjoy. It teaches me patience, and allows me to be more present in the moment.