Greater Denton Arts Council


In his striking photographs, Bob Chilton illustrates that the world around us is a canvas of possibility. Chilton is a photographer, philanthropist, and sportsman extraordinaire. As an artist, Chilton captures images of stunning and expansive moments of nightscapes, nature, and mankind in their most primal states. He then uses technology to enhance elements of his pictures, transforming them into new works of art.


This summer, the Arts Council is delighted to present the works of Bob Chilton. You too can explore the world through Chilton's lens in the exhibition, International Nightscapes: Recent Works by Bob Chilton, now through July 29 at the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center.

Tell us a little about your upcoming exhibition International Nightscapes. How did you choose your locations?  

The choice of the locations was because of the unique nighttime qualities. Light abundances, nearness of water for reflections, foreground objects, uniqueness of angles, etc. All required advanced scouting long before the taking of the shot.

What is one of your most notable experiences from your travels capturing images for this show?

Hands down, it was dinner in Dubai with the King of The Emerites after cocktails in the tallest building in the world. Almost 0.5 miles high.

One of the works in this exhibition is of a beautiful nightscape of downtown Denton. What did you observe about our town?

Your courthouse is of museum quality and a true jewel of architecture. The surrounding redos of the old stores make Denton one of the swingingest I've come across. I've told scores of folks that they have to see it for themselves.

What is one of your favorite works of art and why?

I have been getting into images of the Milky Way with various foregrounds as part of the scene. This takes me to many different parts of the country that have little light pollution. So my current favorites are photographers like Mike Taylor, whom you probably never heard of but is an expert in his field.

What is the role of the artist in society?

That's one of those deeeeep questions that require some erudite words that sound good but don't really have much substance. Artists have been around for a long time and have made life more entertaining for all that take the time to admire their work. Not everyone appreciates art and the time and effort it takes to produce it, but curiously I think most people have a little artist within them somewhere that would like to express itself. There are no "born" artists but those who are inclined to pursue it are rewarded with the appreciation and thanks of many. That's something not everyone can have and few ever receive.