Greater Denton Arts Council


Isabel Cano is a local artist and advocate for the arts in Denton. As a daughter of a Spanish Diplomat, Cano has traveled the world and experienced true cultural immersion, choosing to settle in the friendly city of Denton. Since her arrival, she has dedicated her life to supporting the arts community, actively involving herself in organizations like the Visual Arts Society of Texas and the Greater Denton Arts Council. 

This year, Cano showcased her alluring work of flowers and their internal structures at the Point Bank Black Box Theatre downtown and was featured in the exhibition Arts Open Call at the Arts Center. Her contributions to the arts continue to transform our town into a culturally rich city


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I grew up living in different countries, my father being a Spanish Diplomat. I arrived to the US in 1975, when my father was transferred to the Spanish Embassy in Washington DC. I arrived to Denton in 1981 and fell in love with Denton the very first time I came to interview with the Dean of the Art Department at UNT. I married an American (a Texan) and had 2 little Texans, born and raised in Denton. Both (Charles and Andrew) attended Denton schools and graduated from UNT. I have worked in fashion, business, as a paralegal and as a bilingual teacher with Denton ISD. I am presently an artist.

How does art inspire you?

There are an incredible number of art forms that surround us and affect us every day in different ways. The art forms that inspire me the most I find in nature, music, dance and cooking. These inspire me to think and to create.

What is one of your most notable artistic experiences in Denton? 

My most notable artistic experience in Denton, is, by far, my involvement with the Visual Arts Society of Texas (VAST). This is a non-profit Denton organization, started in 1975, whose mission statement is: Artists and community connecting to create and celebrate visual arts!

What do you believe is the role of the arts in Denton? 

I believe that the role of the arts in Denton is to bring the community together by bringing art and art education into the community. Denton does a great job at making art available to its residents, in the form of music festivals, arts festivals, public art, music venues, art galleries, arts programs at both UNT and TWU and programs available to children through different organizations and entities. 

What is one of your favorite works of art and why? 

This is an incredibly hard question. I have had different favorites at different stages in my life. Now, my favorite work of art is Red Canna by Georgia O'Keeffe. The colors and shapes take me into a world of wonder, warmth and full of questions. A never-ending trip into her mind, my mind, her times and mine.

How does art create community? 

Art creates community by facilitating social connections which in turn results in a stronger community.