Greater Denton Arts Council


Denton, Texas is known across country as a creative town because of its many vibrant people. When one thinks about what a Dentonite is, terms like community, art, and passion come to mind. When we think about who encompasses these qualities, we think of this year's CARA winners, Sandra and Randy Robinson.

The Robinsons are deeply rooted in the Denton community, both having been involved in several arts-minded organizations over the past 30 years. Their passion for the arts stimulates popular events like "Geezerpalooza" and supports local organizations and institutions like UNT, TWU, United Way, and Denton Community Theatre, just to name a few.

How does art inspire you? 

Art is an expression that brings enjoyment in a very indvidual experience. 

What is one of your most notable artistic experiences in Denton? 

There is a very wide range of our experiences in Denton. Some that come to mind are Geezerpalooza on Industrial Street, The Chicken Dance with Brave Combo on the Courthouse Lawn, 1:00 Lab Band at the Murchison, Leon Russell at Dan's Silverleaf, and Joe Pat and Susie Hennen in our living room.

What do you believe is the role of the arts in Denton?

Denton is a very unique place, and all of the various opportunities to experience art here defines that uniqueness.

What is one of your favorite works of art and why?

We have been very fortunate to be able to tour the Uffizi in Florence where many of the great, great works of art in history are; but our favorites are right here in Denton. Our historic Courthouse on the Square is a work of art that we never grow tired of driving by, looking at, or just being next to.

How does art create community?

Art creates community by bringing people of many backgrounds and interests together for the mutual enjoyment and appreciation of the talent that creates art.