Greater Denton Arts Council

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Thursday May 11 and June 1, 6-8pm
Patterson-Appleton Arts Center, Free

Join us for a pop-up exhibition with the artists of the Denton Gallery! The night will include a pop-up exhibition and artist talks. Each night will feature a different selection of artists. Presented in partnership with the Denton Gallery.


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May 11

Jeremy Sale
Jeremy Sale is an artist and art educator at Guyer High School in Denton, Texas.  He was inspired to create and teach from the many art educators he had during his high school and college experiences.  Jeremy has always been interested in early to mid 20th century sports legends and has been creating images of athletes dating back to his days of playing baseball in high school. These images show up in his personal work still today.  He studied at the University of North Texas and received a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts and he minored in Education.  Jeremy has recently found a love for pyrography, the art of burning designs into wood.  He is now showing works in various locations in Denton and is creating commissioned works as well.

Brittany Hayden
Brittany is a graduate from the University of North Texas with her BFA in Drawing and Painting.
Brittany focuses on the mental and physical state of the human body, because she's constantly fascinated by the way it bends, twists and moves and how much pressure, stress, and physical damage we can put our bodies through. 
As a child she was blind to the fact that her mother was mentally unstable and a drug addict. Drugs ate away at the spontaneous bright personality that her mother had and turned the two into strangers. These emotions are echoed into Brittany's work as she breaks down and disguises the figure so they are recognized as the human form but the viewer feels no personal connection to the subject.  

Jonathan Sutton
My name is Jonathan, and I am the artist behind Gnarled Oak Art. I focus on making one of a kind works of art, but I also make a wide range of other items as well. If it is made out of wood, I can make it. My art explores ideas of beauty, joy, and peace, and my designs are often inspired by nature and the character of the wood used. While wood items are the ones I offer for sale, as an artist, I am always finding new avenues to express my creativity.

June 1

Please check back for more information on this date!