Greater Denton Arts Council

Artist Micro-Grant Evaluation

ARTISTIC QUALITY | Overall the application is clear, concise, and well composed with clear and specific explanation and specific details for all proposed activities *
The proposed project/ work shows high degree of creativity, originality, and will contribute something new or meaningful to the field. *
The merit or value of the proposed artistic activities is clearly evident and well-articulated. *
Applicant's choice of materials are highly relevant to the project, of high quality, and clearly support the future excellence of the proposed project. *
The professional and/or educational qualifications of the applicant is clearly described. *
CAPABILITY | The applicant has clearly defined project objectives and has a realistic plan for implementation. *
The applicant has submitted a budget that is clear and appropriate for the proposed activities. *
The project timeline is realisitc and the applicant should be able to (and has planned to) complete the project within a calendar year of receipt of grant. *
Additional funding sources will contribute to the project, ensuring the project will happen without GDAC funding. *
The artist has submitted evidence demonstrating they are capable of completing a project of the scale propose. *
IMPACT | How much will this grant affect the quality or viability of the project?