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Merging Visions Workshop Series
August 8
6:00-8:00 p.m.
Patterson-Appleton Arts Center

Join members of VAST and the Denton Poets’ Assembly to celebrate the Merging Visions exhibition through three workshops that unite visual and literary artistic expression.  

August 8: Representing Words with Marks, Found Poetry, and Concrete Poetry

Experience language in new ways. In this workshop, you will have the chance to interpret, redefine, and reform words through three different activities that will have you playing with gestural mark making, word searches, and linguistic arrangements.

Gail Williamson Cope

Gail Williamson Cope grew up an army brat spending her childhood in a different army base every year until her father retired when she was 11. This probably explains her wanderlust and curiosity about different peoples and their cultures. She has visited all 7 of the continents and incorporates many elements of her observations in her artwork. After completing college in 1968 with a B.A. in French and German and in 1976 receiving her MA in German she taught German, French, and European History for 32 years in Dallas. After retiring in 2001, she went back to school just to refresh her skills in art and ended up with an MA in art history and an MFA in painting, both from TWU. Her work ‘s purpose is to emphasize that an awareness of other cultures provides an insight into our own, as well as show that the culture surrounding us is not the only valid one. This understanding of our similarities and tolerance for our differences can only promote a more peaceful, harmonious and enlightened world. Gail is a member of the Visual Arts Society of Texas and participated in many of its exhibitions, as well as in other area art group exhibitions and regional exhibitions. Gail has owned part of an art gallery in the Turks and Caicos islands, and shown her work in exhibitions there as well as in Germany.

Robert Schinzel

Robert Schinzel grew up as a rolling stone, a gypsy nomad, moving frequently with his family when his father was transferred from job to job. Changes in locale gave Bob a close look at the world around him, at the differing viewpoints and values, the diverse cultures. After completing his MS in agriculture and geography, followed by a few years as soil scientist and wildland firefighter, he began a 33-year career in law enforcement, becoming a sergeant in a metropolitan police department and a federal agent and administrator with several U.S. agencies, including three years with the Panama Canal Commission. He began writing poetry after retirement, especially poems about nature and its close parallels to human behavior. Bob is a member of the Denton Poets Assembly. His poems have won numerous contests and appear in various publications. He won the Fort Worth Poetry Society’s William D. Barney Chapbook Contest in 2019 for his book – Westbound 380.

Beth Honeycutt

An award-winning poet and author, Beth Honeycutt intersperses story and active processes with verse in her latest book Echoes from the Stars. Studying connections of the heart, mind, body, and spirit from around the globe to provide fresh perspectives on our lives, Beth helps open our minds to fresh possibilities and prompts as we participate in origami art and Gelli Printing which can be used to house words from our hearts.

Beth lives with her musician husband in Denton. She has a local hypnosis and energy healing office, The Calming Center, while working as a family law paralegal, and loves to take every other found moment to write poetry and prose while their two dogs nap beside her.



In Partnership with Armadillo Ale Works
Stay tuned for upcoming series dates
6:30-8:30 p.m.
Patterson-Appleton Arts Center

What are two things that are the same but different? Crafts! Join us every second Thursday as we indulge in two of Denton’s most favorite pastimes; arts and crafts and craft beer! Each month will feature different artists, techniques, and mediums, giving you a range of opportunities to learn new skills and connect with makers over a cold drink provided by Armadillo Ale Works. Drop-in, hang a while, and discover the pleasure of working with your hands.

After Party at Armadillo Ale Works until 10:00 p.m.

kichen Sync Logo 2.jpg

Kitchen Sync: Open Mic for Poets
Every Third Thursday
6:30-8:30 p.m.
Patterson-Appleton Arts Center

Whether you’re published or a pupil, poet or spoken-word practitioner, rhymer or free verser, this is your time to shine! Dust off that old notebook and collect your most recent musings. Kitchen Sync welcomes all voices to be heard. Performers will take turns reading their work aloud at the mic for an encouraging and open-minded audience. Shy or simply a supporter? You’re invited to lend a listening ear and lots of finger snaps!

Each month a prompt will be announced at the beginning of the meeting. Poets are invited to take it home, use the word in any configuration (adjective, noun, participle, present past, etc.) and return the next month to read their interpretation for the crowd. We’ll start off each meeting with the poems related to the theme. Don’t worry if you miss a month; we’ll post the prompt here for your reference.

The Greater Denton Arts Council is an inclusive organization that values diversity and equality in all forms. We strive to foster an environment that promotes empathy for and combats discrimination against the variety of human stories found within the vibrant Denton community.

Co-Hosts: Christine Irving and Kelly Weathers

Sign-up begins at 6:15 at the Welcome Desk

Event is open to all ages

To join the community visit:

July Prompt: Crystal

A crystal is a substance in which the constituent atoms, molecules, or ions are packed in a regularly ordered, repeating three-dimensional pattern.  Often the interior arrangement of the crystal determines its outer appearance, forming the facets, angles and colors that make it so beautiful to our eyes.  Their ordered lattices also invest them with many strange properties, making crystals invaluable to a variety of technologies.  These same properties make them the subject of several alternative healing systems.  Throughout time and in many diverse cultures, including our own, crystals have long been associated with light, clarity, purity magic, healing, wealth and status.


Drink and Draw
Every First and Third Thursday
6:00-9:00 PM
Patterson-Appleton Arts Center

Come join us in the studio for a life drawing study facilitated by local artist, Marko Head. In the first hour, we’ll warm-up with gesture drawing before we move our focus to longer poses in the last two hours. BYOB, must show your ID to drink.

Participants must bring their own supplies. All skill levels welcome.


Does your organization have an event idea but no way or nowhere to execute it? The Greater Denton Arts Council wants to make your dream a reality. Every Thursday the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center stays open late to support community programs and draw people together through the arts by providing space and publicity and collaborating on educational visions as needed. Thursday evenings at PAAC create connections between artists, activists, and art enthusiasts to bond the community, highlight efforts, and call attention to available resources.

GDAC does not charge for use of the facility on these evenings, however, every event must be free and open to the public. Fill out this proposal form and submit it to to be considered for a evening program. In your proposal, please include all pertinent details. The earlier you propose your idea, the more likely you’ll be to secure your desired date.