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In Partnership with Armadillo Ale Works
Every Second Thursday March - May
6:30-8:30 p.m.
Patterson-Appleton Arts Center

What are two things that are the same but different? Crafts! Join us every second Thursday as we indulge in two of Denton’s most favorite pastimes; arts and crafts and craft beer! Each month will feature different artists, techniques, and mediums, giving you a range of opportunities to learn new skills and connect with makers over a cold drink provided by Armadillo Ale Works. Drop-in, hang a while, and discover the pleasure of working with your hands.

After Party at Armadillo Ale Works until 10:00 p.m.

April 11:

Learn how to dye fabric using the hapa-zome technique with proprietor of Tierra Verde Farm, Erin Tran. Hapa-zome, Japanese for “leaf-dye,” is a process in which natural dyes are pounded out of plant matter onto a cloth or paper surface. Whether you’re looking for creative ways to work out your frustration or utilize the abundance of spring’s blossoms, this craft is for you!

Erin Tran is the proprietor of Tierra Verde Farm in Sanger, Texas. She tends flocks of ducks and chickens, keeps bees and dairy goats, and raises fiber animals, including sheep, alpacas, and llamas. She also spins, knits, makes goat milk soap, and bakes. Erin gathers plants and other natural products to use as dyes for yarn and cloth in the Tierra Verde Dye Lab.

Erin is active in community service, volunteering extensively with children and educators as a member of the Denton County Master Gardeners Association and the Elm Fork Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalists. She also serves as Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Denton Community Market.

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Kitchen Sync: Open Mic for Poets
Every Third Thursday
6:30-8:30 p.m.
Patterson-Appleton Arts Center

Whether you’re published or a pupil, poet or spoken-word practitioner, rhymer or free verser, this is your time to shine! Dust off that old notebook and collect your most recent musings. Kitchen Sync welcomes all voices to be heard. Performers will take turns reading their work aloud at the mic for an encouraging and open-minded audience. Shy or simply a supporter? You’re invited to lend a listening ear and lots of finger snaps!

Each month a prompt will be announced at the beginning of the meeting. Poets are invited to take it home, use the word in any configuration (adjective, noun, participle, present past, etc.) and return the next month to read their interpretation for the crowd. We’ll start off each meeting with the poems related to the theme. Don’t worry if you miss a month; we’ll post the prompt here for your reference.

The Greater Denton Arts Council is an inclusive organization that values diversity and equality in all forms. We strive to foster an environment that promotes empathy for and combats discrimination against the variety of human stories found within the vibrant Denton community.

Co-Hosts: Christine Irving and Kelly Weathers

Sign-up begins at 6:15 at the Welcome Desk

Event is open to all ages

To join the community visit:

March Prompt:

Madness offers a rich mine of possibilities to prompt a poem or two.  This should get you started:

In English, March has long been associated with madness, ever since at least 1500 when the first written reference to mad March hares appears.  Apparently,  European hares display incredibly erratic behavior during their breeding season in March and some suppose this prompted the simile.   Lewis Carol included both a March Hare and a Mad Hatter in Alice’s adventures.   Thus exposing generations of children to both terms and images.

The madness of hatters is said to result from the mercury poison used in the hat-making process.

It is interesting that the planet Mercury is said to control both how we think and how we process information.  Even those not au courant with astrology have heard about the dire effects of Mercury going retrograde!   Mercury goes retrograde three times in 2019.  It will be retrograde in Pisces from March 5-28th this year.

Madness itself defines as: 1. severe mental illness, 2. extremely foolish behavior, 3. frenzied or chaotic activity.

Divine madness or crazy wisdom: a manifestation of enlightened behavior by persons who have transcended societal norms, or as a means of spiritual practice or teaching among mendicants and teachers.   

Both genuine gurus and con artists may use madness as a strategic, purposeful activity “making strategic use of the theme of madness in the construction of their public personas".


Drink and Draw
Every First and Third Thursday
6:00-9:00 PM
Patterson-Appleton Arts Center

Come join us in the studio for a life drawing study facilitated by local artist, Marko Head. In the first hour, we’ll warm-up with gesture drawing before we move our focus to longer poses in the last two hours. BYOB, must show your ID to drink.

Participants must bring their own supplies. All skill levels welcome.


Does your organization have an event idea but no way or nowhere to execute it? The Greater Denton Arts Council wants to make your dream a reality. Every Thursday the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center stays open late to support community programs and draw people together through the arts by providing space and publicity and collaborating on educational visions as needed. Thursday evenings at PAAC create connections between artists, activists, and art enthusiasts to bond the community, highlight efforts, and call attention to available resources.

GDAC does not charge for use of the facility on these evenings, however, every event must be free and open to the public. Submit a proposal to to be considered for a evening program. In your proposal, please include all pertinent details. The earlier you propose your idea, the more likely you’ll be to secure your desired date.